About us

ClearSafeProducts was founded in 2017 and has its roots in the food industry. Food processing companies were helped to simultaneously increase their hygiene, food safety and efficiency. This was soon joined by advice and trade in personal protective equipment, complemented in the Corona era by antigen testing, air and surface disinfection systems.

The Corona era has made it clear that our lives are going to be different. Independence and self-reliance are becoming more important and our lives are increasingly 'remote'. In addition, 'care' for people with a disorder is becoming increasingly scarce. But these people, like all of us, want to remain vital and self-confident in society. ClearSafeProducts believes this is possible. There are many aids and solutions in development and already available that contribute to this. ClearSafeProducts seeks them, selects the best and offers them. We believe that people with a disorder can continue to live a vital, independent and dignified life. It is our passion to contribute to this.

ClearSafeProducts mainly operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have stock in various locations and supply products under our own name (ClearSafeProducts), but also under private label.